Cyclic performance of viscoelastic dielectric elastomers with solid hydrogel electrodes
We study
the cyclic performance of acrylic DE actuators with solid hydrogel electrodes. This work which combines both experiments and theory involves researchers from Xi'an Jiantong University, Harvard University, and IHPC. 12.02.14 | More>>

A gel that is clearly revolutionary
Our work on stretchable ionics is featured on A*STAR Research. 22.01.14 | Link>>

A*STAR SERC Grant Award
We have been awarded a 3-year grant to study smart materials and structures for marine and offshore applications. This grant is funded by the Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). 01.10.13 

In a paper published in Science, we describe a class of devices fabricated using stretchable, transparent, ionic conductors. These devices are highly deformable and fully transparent. They can operate at frequencies beyond 10 kHz and under voltages above 10 kV. 30.08.13 | More>>

For many applications of dielectric elastomer actuators, it is desirable to replace the carbon-grease electrodes with stretchable, solid-state electrodes. In experiments led by our collaborators from Princeton University, we achieve voltage-actuated areal strains over 70% for dielectric elastomer membranes attached with thin layers of conducting silicone elastomer. 01.09.12 | More>>