(Photo credits to various collaborators at Harvard and NUS)

Research on soft active materials


Some representative simulations of dielectric elastomers by Soft Matter Group at A*STAR IHPC:

Simulations of dielectric elastomers

(Video credits to IHPC colleagues: Dr Zhang Zhiqian and Dr Liu Jun)

News elsewhere

Design tool beefs up artificial muscles 
Our work on viscoelastic dielectric elastomers is featured on A*STAR Research. 29.06.16 | Link

A gel that is clearly revolutionary
Our work on stretchable ionics is featured on A*STAR Research. 22.01.14 | Link

Transparent gel speaker plays music through the magic of ionic conduction.
30.08.13 | Reported on Engadget. 

Bio-inspired speaker uses clear gel to play music.
29.08.13 | Reported on New Scientist. 

This “ionic” speaker is stretchable, see-through and mind-blowing
29.08.13 | Reported on Gizmodo.

Transparent artificial muscle plays Grieg to prove a point
Gel-based audio speaker demonstrates capabilities of ionic conductors, long thought limited in application. 29.08.13 | Harvard SEAS release